El Salvador

Specialty Single Origin Blend

Region: Volcan de Santa Ana

Producer: The Alvarez Family


SCCA Cupping Score – 83.75

'El Salvador SSO' is a bourbon varietal coffee, grown in the highlands of the Santa Ana Volcano by the Alvarez family.

It is handpicked by the farmers and delivered to the mill for sorting and maturing, taken through a hands on processes of pulping and washing before being sun-dried on aged clay patios.

This blend was cupped by our barista trainers who then collaborated with roasters to keep its balanced clean profile when served as an espresso or long black. It may also be enjoyed with milk to cater for other tastes.

Harvest Day!

Alvarez Family Estate - El Salvador

Freshly picked Coffea Arabica berries.

Natural Bean Premium Harvest

House Blend

Origins: Brazil, Colombia, PNG, Ethiopia

Silver medal winning blend very popular as a safe, versatile coffee that’s balanced, medium bodied and boasting a creamy finish.

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